1. If your iPhone is connected to the wireless, enter in the browser of the iPhone. If any update is available, please click “Update”.

2. If your iPhone cannot connect to wireless CarPlay, please manually join the WiFi network of the adapter [AUTO-xxxx], the password is 88888888

3. Next, enter in the browser of your iPhone and click Update.

4. In the same web interface, you can also fill in the vehicle brand, model year and problem details, and then click “Submit” to report the problem. When a success message appears, email us the screenshot. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

teaching video:  https ://youtu.be/MJTn84SWGYY

1: Please check whether the original car has Carplay function and has been selected to this mode ;

2: Please check whether the USB cable is correctly inserted, tightly inserted and in place according to the instructions ;

3: Restore the factory Settings of the original vehicle system and reconnect it;

4:Replace the USB cable (you can replace it with the Android phone data cable)

teaching video:  https: //www.youtube.com/shorts/DSN7RR7WnXY

1. “Allow” when “Select Carplay Vehicle” is displayed on the mobile phone;

2: Mobile phone – Settings – General -Carplay car, empty the connected devices inside; Phone – Settings – General – Transfer or Restore iphone- Restore – Restore network Settings, restart the phone to reconnect; If there is no connection, do not crack, dial the phone has been connected, U2– insert automatically waiting for connection;

3:Install Android Auto on your smartphone, next enable [Wireless Android Auto] in Android Auto
app settings.

4:Pair your smartphone with the vehicle’s Bluetooth.;

5:Plug the adapter into your vehicle’s Android Autoenabled USB port.;

6:Continue to pair your smartphone with the adapter’s Bluetooth: [AUTO-xxxx].
It will then connect to Android Auto wirelessly after a few seconds.

1. Restart the mobile phone and U2-AIR to ensure that the mobile phone network connection is normal

2. Change the APP player and change the song.

3. Follow the instructions to upgrade the software online to the latest version

4. If it is still slow, please refer to the instruction manual to upload LOG to us, indicate the fault phenomenon of the model year and vehicle VIN code (driving number), and send the uploaded screenshots to our interface

All products are developed under the Carplay protocol and do not support multi-touch. You can use the original Carplay experience. As a result, Android devices transmitted via Carplay cannot be multi-touch, and most directly Google Maps cannot be zoomed in and out with your finger. However, there will be a +- icon in the lower right corner of the map for zooming in and out. It is a generic product based on the Carplay protocol and does not support multi-touch. It can be played using the original Carplay protocol, so Android devices converted through the Carplay protocol cannot be multi-touch. Most directly, Google Maps can’t be zoomed in or out with your finger, but there is a +- icon in the lower right corner of the map that can zoom in and out, which is normal