1:• 获取一张Micro SD卡,将其格式化为FAT32,并新建一个名为“boxlog”的文件夹;

•将Micro SD卡插入PICASOU适配器,它会自动将日志文件复制到卡上;

• 取出Micro SD 卡并将整个boxlog 文件夹发送给我们。

2:Enter the system of the product>settings>Engineering Mode>Enable automatic copy of logs to external storage>Commit log

1.Format micro SD card into FAT32
2.Copy update.zip to the root folder of micro SD card
3.Insert the micro SD card into the AI box then power on. Tick [Wipe data and format flash], next tap update.
4.The two lights flash alternately while updating
5.After the update is finished, the system will restart. Delete the update. zip file or remove the micro SD card.

1. Change the sim card of another local carrier.

2. The card is inserted in the wrong direction.

3. Restore the factory Settings of the box, if it still does not work, add a sheet of paper on the back of the SIM card to see if the goldfinger contact is bad;

Settings > Network /wifi> Clear Bluetooth /WIFI records from your phone and PICASOU 2 then restart and reconnect